Differences between Magento and WordPress hosting Thailand

March 10, 2017

As we know, Magento and WordPress hosting Thailand are open source hosting which are favored by most business.

Today, we will find out about Magento and WordPress as well as advantages, disadvantages and the object of each hosting. First, we will discuss about Magento.


Magento e-commerce

Magento is e-commerce platform based on open source technology. Magento provides a high level of customization, functionality and the flexibility to set up online stores suitable for their business needs. It also has many features such as marketing, SEO, multi-store management, mobile commerce, generating reports, and more. Magento is extremely suited for online shops.

Who should use Magento e-commerce?

You should be choose Magento hosting if:

  • You have an online store and you want full of control over every aspect of your online business and inventory.
  • You have an online store with a large or growing product catalogue.
  • Your site is primarily an online store, without much other features or content.
  • You want a larger scope of add-on plugins / extensions to enhance the functionality of your online store.

Second, we will learn more about WordPress Thailand server hosting.


WordPress Hosting

Same as Magento, WordPress also is an open source technology with blogging platform and content management system. It offers an easy-to-embed plug-in architecture and the ability to customize. In addition, WordPress can be achieved the basic e-commerce functionality by third-party plug-ins. In fact, there are many famous website using WordPress such as The New York Times, eBay, CNN, Microsoft and more.

Choosing WordPress hosting if you:

  • You want to save for your online business.
  • You have an online store and you want to sell a small range of products and don’t have any specific requirements in regards to order.
  • You want to build a website which only focus on content is mainly.
  • Or you just want to create a personal blog.


Both of these hosting server in Thailand platform provide great features and many benefits for online business. Depending on your needs that you will choose a platform suitable for your online business.