How to choose domain and Thailand server hosting for SEO?

March 15, 2017

In this topic, we will point you the ways to choose domain and Thailand server hosting for your website to get high standards of SEO.

Nowadays, most businesses want to have a website with high standards of SEO for their businesses. What are benefits we will get when we have a SEO website? Now we will discuss about this issue.

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What is SEO?

SEO stand by search engine optimization, is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of visitor traffic to your website through Google engine results. If your website in top 10 or higher, you will get more customers.

How to choose domain for SEO?

If you want to have a SEO website for your business, first you have to choose right domain to SEO.

You should choose domain name which same with your company’s official name, because it will build a needful uniformity across all the places your business exists even your business online and offline. Moreover, customers will remember your business name with an easier and longer.


An important issue is your domain name should be easy to spell. That means it does not contain misspelled words. If possible, you should avoid intentional misspellings and hyphens in your domain name.

How to choose web server hosting for SEO?

After you choose right domain, you should be choose web hosting Thailand suitable for SEO website. As you know, web hosting also impacts search engine ranking of your business. In addition to improper on-page factors, web server hosting issues can impactful to the search engine rankings too.

The following is some issues that you should be consider when you choose web hosting to host your website:

Server uptime

Staying afloat on the web for 24/7 is the bottom line with the requirement. Do you know? For every single moment, if your website is not accessible to your customers, then the SEO purpose of your business is defeated. So that typical industry standard of a server uptime is 99.99%.

Speed of web hosting

Bandwidth and RAM of your web hosting decide this important factor of your business. For the small and medium scale businesses, Windows and Linux virtual servers can be a cheaper solution. You should choose web hosting which offer high speed access.



You will have to employ a serious security standard in your website to protect vital information like credit card details, user’s login details as well as their purchasing histories. So you should choose web hosting with high security and reliable.

There is the ways to help you choose domain and web hosting for SEO purpose of your website. Hope you will choose right domain and web hosting server in Thailand suitable for your businesses.