Two CMS platforms: Drupal vs WordPress Thailand server hosting (P2)

March 27, 2017

In previous article, we have discussed some differences of Drupal and WordPress Thailand server hosting.

By some differences of Drupal and WordPress in previous article that you can see although they have differences, both of them bring many benefits for business activities. Now we continue to discuss about differences of Drupal and WordPress hosting.



This is one of the biggest differentiators between Drupal and WordPress hosting. With Drupal, and the entire open-source community, has seen its share of security the platform has enterprise level security and offers in-depth security reports. It’s due to that level of security that you can find governments also using Drupal.

But WordPress has traditionally been vulnerable to hackers and other attacks on this platform. There are many plugins that make WordPress so powerful can also open up the system to potential problems. And have many hosting platforms that make WordPress less vulnerable as WP Engine.

And with Drupal server in Thailand, hosting with a partner such as Acquia or Pantheon will also help you mitigate your risk of server vulnerabilities.


Ease of use

Drupal is not hard to use, but it can make you are hard to learn how to use it. Because it requires more technical experience than WordPress, it means it also is capable of producing more advanced sites. If you have limited knowledge of website development or technology, you should use WordPress. Many developers will build and customize a WordPress site and then hand over to the customer for website management. You can create and set up a blog in minutes on WordPress with only basic knowledge.

So both Drupal and WordPress have active user communities that are available to offer documentation and answer questions.



Both Drupal and WordPress are free to download and install, but there are costs associated with building a website on both platforms. If you need to hire technical staff for help, individual Drupal developers will tend to be more expensive than WordPress developers. As we know, Drupal server has made an effort to incorporate frameworks like Symfony that are more common in the PHP community. This helps for Drupal developers, making it more of a level playing field and reducing the costs associated with Drupal developers.

In 2 articles about the difference between Drupal and WordPress hosting servers Thailand that you can see although both of them have many differences, each has its own users.