What are benefits of Magento Thailand server hosting?

April 21, 2017

If you want to choose Thailand server hosting for an online shop, we recommend you should be use Megento because its ecommerce platform.


Magento hosting

Magento is an open source platform base on PHP and My SQL database. It is the best Ecommerce platform. Magento provides great flexibility through its modular structure with scalable and has a wide range of control options that it is appreciated by users.

Benefits of Magento

When you want to see benefits of a server, you have to know about features it has. So now, we will find out about feature that Magento has, and what are benefits it brings?

  • Saves money and time: Because Magento is an open source, it provides a colors of the custom extensions that is developed by a large community. So you absolutely can use and share tools with other users, thus saving your money from creating them. In addition, users can also manage other ecommerce stores using Magento server in Thailand.


  • Compatible with mobile: Nowadays, customers often have a habit of shopping online. The shopping carts are developed responsively that means they can be viewed on smart phones, tablets and some devices. This is a big advantage for all mobile shoppers.
  • Ability of extension: Magento is server hosting which has powerful and highly spacious. Do you know? It has the capacity to support 500000 products and more on a website. It is built with the ability to handle 80,000 orders in an hour.
  • Diversity content: Magento provides based page editor which helps shop owners or users to build and customize what they are providing. It’s just the option to transform content management interface for all who aren’t coding experts but would still like to manipulate some functions in the cart.


  • Advanced SEO: Magento is built with SEO efficiency and provides a better scope to appear on Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. In addition, there is plenty of scope for custom SEO implementation for customers.
  • Security: With Magento, your online shop will be safe and your internal access within your site can be well managed with many different levels of security permissions.

All above is the benefit that Magento brings, so if you are looking servers Thailand for your online shop, you should be choose Magento because it brings best ecommerce platform.