What is the difference between Linux and Windows servers Thailand?

April 26, 2017

Nowadays, most of web hosting companies are using one of these two operating systems: Linux and Windows servers Thailand.


Linux server is popular than Windows because it is open-source. Linux has more of the features web designers expect. It is preferred by most of companies because it is an open operating system, since it’s inexpensive and fairly easy to install. In addition, Linux server is frequently selected over other server operating systems for their stability, security and flexibility advantages.

Windows server is proprietary operating system released by Microsoft.  And it seems to be favored by a lot of individual computer users. Windows server is designed to more efficiently handle company networking, databases, enterprise-scale messaging and other functions.

But what is the difference between them? Now, let’s see:


This is an important issue that needs to be considered. Both systems have vulnerabilities and potential security problems. Have many administrators insists that Linux server has more vulnerabilities than Windows server in Thailand because Linux is open-source. However, if you have a good administrator, is no longer the major concern regardless of which OS you are using.



As mentioned, Linux server is more popular than Windows server. Cost is a factor that make it popular. The cost of Linux server is relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, Windows server is much more expensive.

Technical support

Most Linux clients rely on online peer support from a large online community such as chat boards and forums. But it also has disadvantage, you have to take longer to get an answer when posting a question on a user board or forum compared to calling a help-desk support provided by Windows server. Most of computer users often leaning a Windows server because it offers excellent and timely support.


The accessibility to code

One of the biggest differences between Linux server and Windows server is that Linux allows all clients to have full access to the code and then they can make any changes they want. So it makes the clients easy to fix bugs and make improvements. Otherwise, windows clients don’t have access to the proprietary code nor are they allowed to make change.

In short, Linux and Windows server location Thailand are both excellent servers. It depends on what your needs. So you should make a right decision.